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24 Hours for Haiti is the brain child of life-long motorcycle enthusiast, Perry Prichard. Prichard has been traveling to Haiti on mission trips for some time now and from the first visit, as he has said, "….it touches your heart in a special way". Long before the recent earthquake that affected so many, Prichard was hooked and it became his goal to do as much as he could for the country and its people.

24 Hours for Haiti is an organization that conducts 24 Hour fundraisers to benefit various needs still present in this ravaged country. The first 24 Hours for Haiti event was held in September of 2010, and in conjunction with a dollar for dollar matching donation from an anonymous private philanthropist raised more than $20,000! A large portion of those dollars went to aid in the construction of the NEW Village of Hope Medical Center in Ganthier, Haiti. Moneys were also used to provide assistance many of the developmentally and physically handicapped children at the Little Children of Jesus Orphanage that Prichard visits each time he travels to Haiti.

Each event has a new and unique twist to it with the 2 common threads being that they all run for a full 24 hours, and because of Prichard's love for all things motorcycle, will also always be a bike event of some type.

For further information on how you or your business or organization can be involved please contact:
Promotions Director Jackie K at or 651-206-2939.