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24 Hours for Haiti, Inc. is a non- profit organization and we would like to sincerely thank-you for your part in helping us reach our target goal of raising $100,000. Every dollar you pledge is tax-deductable, and will be matched dollar for dollar up to $150,000 by a private philanthropist. All proceeds will go toward furthering the work of The Lazarus Project Haiti (which is also a non-profit organization) and our 3 year goal is to help in the construction of their new health facility.

Your support is greatly appreciated, and we offer the following options for accepting donations.

  • Donation via mail – please download the donation form via the link at the bottom of the page
  • Donation via PayPal – please select one of the options below
  • Pledge gathering – please contact us via the link at the bottom of the page for additional information

To better enable us to mail you a receipt for a tax record of your contribution, please make sure to provide both your name and full address with all donations.

While we utilize PayPal for the processing of donations, it is not necessary for you to personally have a PayPal account to donate online. Simply select the button related to the amount of the donation you choose and when routed to the payment screen click the "Don't have a PayPal account?" link; you can then process payment seamlessly through your own bank or credit card account.

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Motorcycles for Haiti

Donation Form

Below are the following donation options

$.02 – Provides De-Worming treatment to one child.
$15 – Covers School tuition for one child.
$66 – Covers the salary of a community health worker.
$100 – Provides clean water to an entire family for a lifetime.
$350 – Gives one month of supplies to the clinic to provide life-saving care.
$500 – Covers the cost of educating a child for one year (supplies, books, teachers)
$1,000 – Provides access to education, global resources, and information to an entire community for one year through INTERNET access.
$1,500 – Buys a motorcycle to provide transportation to our 60 Haitian Staff.
$2,500 – Pays the annual salary for one schoolteacher
$5,000 – Funds one month of the operation of our primary clinic that provides life-saving treatment to more than 400 patients monthly.