June 5th, 2012

What do you get when you ask 7 friends to join you on a 1000 mile ride in 24 hours, all to raise money for HAITI???

• A ride of a life time,
• A challenge that will save lives and
• Memories that will last forever!

Mission Accomplished! This is how it all went down:

When setting out to do an endurance ride, like the Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000, one hopes and prays to avoid bad weather, traffic accidents, rider incidents, fatigue etc.

To say we had an easy ride would be a huge understatement. We started out in a heavy rain which then increased to a down pour, or what they call it down here in the south, is a gully washer. On a normal road that would have just sucked, but you must also consider the location at where it did start to rain cats and dogs; in the gorge between the Tennessee State line and Ashville, NC. This is considered to be one of the most treacherous spots for motorcycles even when it's dry, not to mention what happens when you add rain.

At that point the ride got even more interesting; we had to endure long waits because of traffic accidents due to the rain. Finally we were able to break free of those delays, only to find ourselves faces with yet another traffic jam due to a major traffic accident involving 9-10 cars.

WOW, breathed a huge sigh of relief when it finally cleared up, the weather was getting better and no one in my crew got hurt and everyone is still together. WHAT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, a moment of panic - we wasted how much time???? What does that do for our time/mileage? Now what? Well, after doing the math, our little break in Summerville, SC, which is where we hoped to get 6-7 hours of rest, had now disappeared. Once we noticed the time we lost from the rain and traffic delays, we were faced with the grim realization that we would not have that time to rest and would be forced to virtually to ride all night long. That brought a new level of concern since it not only causes the ride team to be tired but also increases danger due to riding fatigued.

At one of the stops for fuel we had a little pow-wow to discuss our situation. Bill P. our resident Iron Butt expert, suggested a couple longer rides between fuel stops and stepping up the pace a little bit, but be cautioned of the need to be safe doing so. Of course everyone on the ride team was eager to step up the pace, hell, we're motorcyclists, we like going fast within reason, (yeah right). So, we put our heads down and rode like the wind, covering some serious miles.

As the midnight hour approached, we found ourselves about an hour from our potential stop/rest point, when we evaluated the time/distance margins; it looked safe to make a rest stop. Gratefully at about 1:00am in Summerville, SC. we were able to grab a little respite. I'd be lying if I said we had a chance to sleep, it was more like a quick nap. Have you ever felt that the moment you laid your head on the pillow the alarm went off??? Well, that's exactly how we felt too. That little nap was exactly that - little and short lived. However it gave us some rest to make the remaining trip.

It was now 4:30am, the alarm just went off and I'm not sure I actually slept, more of a short exercise for my eyelids. No question, it's time for all to mount back up on the bikes and head out for the last 419 miles. We were bright-eyed and bushy tailed (HA that's a farce), but none the less we were ready to roll.

As the sun crested the horizon behind us, we were already motoring down the highway putting miles behind us. It's hard to believe that we'd gone so far already in such little time, and could actually think about finishing. Of course we were all a little sore, crabby and definitely tired, but we are doing this for a GREAT cause and not one of us is complaining. Our hearts are in it for the people of Haiti, I've always said, I can endure anything for one day, it's the least I can do for those in Haiti that have to endure this for their entire life.

I don't recall exactly what time it was, probably close to 10:05am when Matt looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up, he was acting crazy, which isn't out of the norm, his son Nick too was dancing around on the back of the bike. Then it dawned on me, WE DID IT, we were about 70 miles from Ultimate Motorsports, it was about 10:05am and we hit the 1000 mile mark with PLENTY of time to go.

Reality set in: the friends I called upon to take a ride, a ride that would raise money to save the lives of so many has now become a claim in the Iron Butt Association records! We did it, we set out to ride 1000 miles in 24 hours and it was complete! WAIT, WAIT a minute had to remind myself that we were still 70 miles from our starting point at Ultimate Motorsports. This was the critical time we had to be careful, pray nothing stupid happens and we get back.

Completion became truly official at 11:25 am on June 2nd, when my entire team of 7 determined and dedicated riders accomplished what we set out to do and rode gratefully into the Ultimate Motorsports parking lot.

We were received by welcome arms; my Ultimate Motorsports family were there awaiting our return. It was an amazing feeling, not one that I can adequately explain in words. It's an experience I encourage all to go through.

Now that the ride is over, I know many of you have emailed and called me to find out how it went. I wanted to take a day to reflect on what just happened. Here is what I have to say about it...

When I set out to do another 24 hours for Haiti event, I never thought that I would have such a huge support team. It's an amazing feeling to think that I have that many people willing to help me. The friends that stepped up to come along on the ride, the friends that volunteered to help organize everything, my new friends that drove great distances to help promote Haiti and the NEW Moto Medical Program. Seriously, I literally had customers call me and pledge/donate hundreds of dollars. I guess I have to ask, what did I ever do to deserve such a close group of friends??? I may never be able to thank each of you enough, but please know in my heart that I truly appreciate all you've done.

Thank you all, you are truly great people! - Perry

June 2nd, 2012

With time to spare, Perry and the 2012 24 Hours for Haiti team successfully completed their Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000 mile ride!

Cheered on by eager supporters, Perry and the team of riders that had committed to attempt the 24 Hours for Haiti/Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000 left Ultimate Motorsports at precisely noon on Friday, June 1, 2012. From the onset weather was a challenge and what initially was a light rain leaving Knoxville turned into torrential rain which they battled for the first 130 miles of the trip. The adverse weather conditions understandably kept their speeds slower and raised concerns about how successful the attempt would be. Moving through the gorge enroute to Asheville, they encountered 2 car accidents, and were actually stopped in traffic while one of them was being cleared. By the time they reached Asheville, NC our riders were thoroughly soaked, but had managed to get ahead of the storm.

For the next few hours they worked to make up lost time and stayed just ahead of the storm. Perry noted that they actually managed to start drying out by the time they hit Clemons, NC. Our intrepid gang made it through Raleigh, NC by 7:50 pm and stopped near Benson, NC. The team had been running ahead of one storm all day, but when they reached this point in their adventure, taking a break for a quick meal allowed them to stay clear of yet another storm system that was in front of them. After their brief respite, the riders were back on the road and 10:05 pm found them passing through Latta, SC. Another challenge came when on their last leg of the journey for Friday, a huge chunk of metal was thrown up into Perry's face shield destroying it. While they did have to stop to replace the damaged shield, everyone was thankful he had it down and avoided any injury! Final check in on Friday came at 11:45 with the group 12 minutes from their overnight destination of Summerville, SC. Friday's ride ended with the team having successfully traveled 638 miles! The by now worn out team surrendered to sleep at approx. 1 am, only to rise again Saturday at 4 am!

Hitting the road at the pre-dawn hour of 5 am, the would be Iron Butt riders began the final portion of the ride. While the day dawned bright and sunny, there was no time to spare as all effort was focused on making it back to Knoxville successfully by noon. By 6:50 am, the time the rest of the world was yawning and stretching to start the day, the team had cleared through Orangeburg, SC. After making a quick stop in Clinton, SC at 7:49 am, their push to beat the clock resumed. Heading through Chesnee, SC at 9:00 am they continued to steadily burn up the miles. Things were starting to look more promising when our riders cleared Asheville, NC at 9:30 am. At 10:30 am Perry again checked in, this time with the news that they had officially logged 1000 miles! The team was just crossing the Pigeon River near Sevierville, TN and were gladly cruising toward completion of their quest. Triumphantly the team all arrived back at Ultimate Motorsports with time to spare – their journey of 1000 + miles had officially ended 23.5 hours after it began. An enthusiastic crowd was there to greet them upon their return, and while our team of riders were physically worn out, the Welcome Home party was just what the doctor ordered!

May 24, 2012

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! Since the 24 Hours for Haiti Ride is only 1 week away, and today is the 24th, we need your help now more than ever!!!

Perry is issuing a challenge to all of our friends:

We would love to be able to raise $2400 for Haiti by the end of today. If everyone gave just $1.00, that could feed a family of 4 in Haiti!!!!!! What a difference that can make! As if thats not enough reason to help this amazing cause, TODAY ONLY, IF we make our goal of $2400, every person that contributes to that amount by making a donation will be entered into a drawing to win one of two gift cards (valued at $50 and $100).

Your donation is needed. No matter how large or small, every little bit helps. If we can make that $2400 goal by the end of today, every person that make a donation will be entered into the drawing.

We can do it guys!!!! You can make a donation by coming into the dealership personally, or going to the websites: www.24hoursforhaiti.com, or www.hopeforhaitifoundation.com. We'll keep everyone updated throughout the day about our goal. Remember, if you help us reach it, a gift card could be yours!!

May 22, 2012

Good Morning Everyone,
Just a little reminder that we are 4 days away from registration deadline and wanted to remind everyone to get their paperwork in as soon as they can.

If you're not able to make it by May 25th, that's OK, we are just trying to reduce the RUSH on the day of the ride. There are a few things that have to be done that day before we head out on our 1000 mile ride, it would just help with the hustle.

Don't forget to make sure you have your bikes primed, prepped, and ready to go. If you need anything done, all registered riders will receive 20% off their service and cost on tires.

Spider Grips has also shipped us 20 sets of grips to give to the registered riders as a "special thanks" for taking the time and effort to help the cause.

June 1st and 2nd is just around the corner, and for those of you that aren't going on the ride, there is a big party after with food, music and fun. Don't miss out!!!!


Hey Everyone,

Well I just got back from the FM 100.3 WNOX Morning Talk Show with Ed and Bob and managed not to get kicked out.  Those guys are very cool and very helpful with promoting the ride, I want to give props to them and thank them for all their help. 

As a reminder, we are only 16 days away for the 24 Hours for Haiti 2012 Saddle Sore 1000, don't forget to call Kristen here at Ultimate Motorsports and register if you are interested in joining us on the ride.

I also want to offer a special deal on tires and service for those joining us.  All of the registered riders will receive a GREAT discount on both tires and service to prepare your bikes for the ride.  Just give Trent or Drew in the Parts Dept. a call and they will make sure to get your tires ready.  Then give Chris or Pete a call in the Service Dept. and schedule your service/maintenance for your bike so you’re ready to put some miles behind you.

Did I mention, FOOD, MUSIC, FUN and SPECIALS on June 2nd once the riders return.  OH YEAH come join the fun. 

And of course, last but not least, if you have ANY questions, feel free to give me a call.  I'm more than happy to help you out. 

Thanks again for all the support for the 24 Hours for Haiti 2012 Event. 


24 Hours for Haiti 2012 is just weeks away!

This year's event is being held on Friday June 1st and Saturday June 2nd in conjunction with the Iron Butt Association and the Hope for Haiti Foundation and will be used to raise funds for the NEW Moto Medical Program. This innovative program will provide the equipment necessary to enable individuals to travel to less accessible regions and offer medical transportation to individuals in need of care. Funds raised during this year's ride will be used to set up and implement the Moto Medical Program.

The event will be an official Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 ride. Perry, along with any others who wish to join him, will complete a ride of 1000 miles in 24 hours. The ride will both start and end Ultimate Motorsports in Knoxville, TN. (link to their website) Riders interested in participating, can sign up in advance by filling out the form on our contact us page (link), or in person at Ultimate Motorsports in Knoxville, TN before noon on Friday June 1st.

June 10, 2011
It's that time of year again, I'm making my annual trip to Haiti. The flight was good, except that the plane I flew from Atlanta to Miami could not have been any smaller, I honestly think my truck has more room in it. HAHA

Today we are heading off to the school to hand out food and do some chores, planning to moving some rocks to make a couple gardens, then possibly paint some class rooms like last year.

Debbie has a little area set up in the dining area with several pictures of the 24 Hours for Haiti event, it's pretty weird seeing me in highlight. Some of the workers here recognize me and have asked many questions about it.

And as you can imagine, people have been asking what the plan is for a 2011 - 24 hours for Haiti event. I just tell them we are still in the planning stages, keep checking back for more info.

Gotta go, breakfast is almost done and once my team is done eating we head out to the school.

Check back later today or tomorrow as I will be posting on the website some activities and updates on how the day went.

Thanks everyone for you amazing support and assistance. Can't do it without all the help each of you provided.

God Bless.
Perry Prichard

April 2, 2011
Just got a GREAT note from a supporter - on an article containing information on the ride and the following image will appear on the Wikipedia main page in the "Did You Know" section on the lower right on April 3, 2011 at 11:00 am to 7 p.m tomorrow April 3rd http://www.flickr.com/photos/royal_broil/4981253531/ check it out!
February 23, 2011
Check out our brand new Youtube Video!
October 7, 2010
Words really won’t describe my appreciation for everyone that has helped in the fundraiser and world record.  It’s been 3 weeks since it all took place and only now am I recovered enough to really get back to business and start the process of getting all the money we raised compiled and sent to The Lazarus Project Haiti.

Many of you have been asking, “how much did you raise?” The final number is still not figured out.  We are currently in the process of getting all the pledge forms in and final payments made for the silent auctions.    Trust me, the moment we have all of it counted, I will let everyone know.

Here are some questions and answers that have been asked:

Will we still accept donations? 

  • ABSOLUTELY, Melissa and I are dedicated and passionate about helping out The Lazarus Project Haiti and will be taking donations, selling T-shirts and raising money from now until someone else takes this task from my cold lifeless hands.
  • We are also getting ready to launch some new products for sale on the 24 hours for Haiti site, so keep checking back and find out what’s in store for products and the future events.

What will happen to the donations made after the event?

  • Great question – We’ve decided that we will compile the funds both from sales and donations each quarter and send them to The Lazarus Project.

What is your plan for next year?

  • HA, wouldn’t you like to know.  Keep in mind it may or may not be an attempt to set a world record.  We would like it to be, but the most important part is that we will be putting on a 24 hour event of some sort.  What that is?  Will be determined over the coming months.

What did Guinness say about the record?

  • We have only recently sent in the required information and hope to hear something back very soon.  The amount of data that had to be sent in was overwhelming and took the past 3 weeks to compile it all.  As soon as I know, I will post the results and let everyone else know, hoping with some additional news coverage to bring more light to Haiti.

Thanks everyone again for all your help.  I could have NEVER done it without.

God Bless each and every one of you. 

SEPTEMBER 11, 2010
Today is the day! If you can't make it out, stay up to date by checking these sites and watching our full 24 hour coverage!

·         Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/24Hrs4Haiti/137204276292402?ref=ts

·         YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/24Hrs4Haiti

·         Ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/24hrs4haiti

·         Twitter: http://twitter.com/24Hrs4Haiti

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010
OMG the event is tomorrow. YIKES, to say I'm not nervous would be a lie and total understatement. I haven't wet my pants yet, but who knows, it sure isn't out of the realm.

We have been getting an UNBELIEVABLE amount of response and the emails from people all over the WORLD telling me they are proud and appreciate the service I am doing. It makes me cry to think that in just 72 hours I will have done something that has been on my mind for years, NO NOT THE WORLD RECORD, but help the kids of Haiti. They have become such a inspiration to me and to be able to do this for them just makes life seem that much better.

I told a very close friend of mine the other day, I could care less about the world record, I can go to sleep at night not having one. BUT, I have a hard time sleeping knowing that I didn't do what I could and use my skills to help the kids in Haiti.

Anyway, sorry to babble on, it's the nerves I'm sure.

I just want to thank you again to all of you that have done so much in such a short amount of time. Thank you for your patience, efforts, understanding and tolerance of my mood swings from the stress.

I would love to name each and every one of you, but there are SO many. Please take the time to pat yourself on the back and know you did all of this for a GREAT CAUSE.

Thank you all and God Bless each one of you.
Perry Prichard

Some of you have been asking some questions about training. Here is an idea of the amount of exercises I will go through in the course of 24 hours. Now keep in mind these are averages, but the numbers and repetitions are mind blowing.

Exercises Performed and Repetitions during the course of my 24 hour ride:

Heart Beats (135-155 bpm) = 194,400 – 223,200

Squats = 8050 – 8750 repetitions

Push ups & Rows = 6300 – 7000 repetitions

Leg Extensions = 3850 – 4500 repetitions

Hand Grip Flexions = 24,500 – 28,000

Abdominal and Core Contractions = 10,500 – 12,250

Food and Water Consumption and Expenditure during the course of my 24 hours ride:

Water Consumed = 576 ounces

Expected Calories Eaten = 6600 – 7200

Calories Burned (800-1400 per hour) = 19,200 – 33,600

So if anyone asks or would like to know if I'll be exhausted after the event, this might help you with the answer. LOL!!!

How time flies when you're stressed out and over trained for a crazy event.

NEWS FLASH - - - - !!!!!!!!!

Ten Cases Later, a AWESOME Green Bay area band will be performing on Saturday evening. If you've not had the chance to hear them, they ROCK, no pun intended. LOL. Here is a link to their MySpace page, so check them out and then come out to the show and see them LIVE!!!

Enjoy the music, beverages, food, Freestyle motocross show and all the other cool things going on.

Thanks NICK and Ten Cases Later for making the show a success.

Perry Prichard

After the weeks of wondering, wishing and hoping, we are finally there, YAMAHA has done it!!!

It started several weeks ago, when JP of THROTTLE NATION Magazine said he would plant the seed for Yamaha to come on board with this event. Since then, it's been A LOT of late nights, long days and short weekends that we tried and tried to work out a deal. What was wrong? Nothing, I apparently picked the wrong time of the year to look for support in terms of bikes/equipment. Since I have no idea how the Factory side of things work at Yamaha, this made total sense once Tim from Factory Yamaha explained it to me.

This time of the year is when 2010 inventory is low and or gone and since the NEW 2010 Yamaha was such a HUGE success and amazing design, the Factory was out. Then with the NEW 2011 bikes just arriving, it just wasn't logistically possible to make it happen in time for my event. The team at Factory Yamaha tried every which way but Sunday to try and figure out a way to make it happen, it just wasn't possible.

So last night, Tim from Factory Yamaha and I spoke for quite some time. Tim said about 10 times that they want to be a part of this and wish there was something more they could do, he felt bad and apologized several times. This to me is something you don't see from MASSIVE companies like this anymore, which says something about Yamaha.

So at the end of the conversation and with a little BS, you know how racers are, Tim and Yamaha said they would provide anything we needed for the bikes to make it through the event, but also all the parts needed to make the bikes like brand new when we were done.

WHAT???? Are you kidding me??? YES, Yamaha will not only send me all the spares needed to be ready for any issues with rider error (the bikes will of course make it and then some, but what if I fall over) but also make the bikes like new when we are done abusing them for 24 hours straight.

I have to make a comment here. Please read through the entirety. In today's world and economic state, companies big and small would have taken this opportunity such as this one faced by Yamaha and simply said "nope we can't make it happen" and then just close the door. BUT NOT YAMAHA, Tim and his peers at Yamaha Motor Corporation didn't let this stop them. They took the time to sit down with me and figure out something that would work. I also have to mention this wasn't my idea either, this was right from Tim, he was the one that stood up and said, since we can't get you bikes, I will make it right and send you whatever parts you need. To me, this says something about a company; this says they believe in their customers.

I can't say enough. Many of you know I have been a Yamaha fan for many years, even in last moments of this events preparation, I had offers from other bike companies to use their bikes, but I stood strong and waited, I had faith that God would provide, I stood by my brand to the point of using my own bikes with dozens upon dozens of hours on them, knowing even used, they would make the 24 Hours. So if anyone asks, Yes, I do think I bleed BLUE.

Tim O. and Yamaha Motor Corporation, you deserve the best. Thank you!!!

Perry Prichard

We just signed “TEN CASES LATER” to play at our event.  Check out their MySpace page and listen to some of their great music.

None of this would have been possible without the help of my brother in law Nick.  It’s amazing how great family is.  It’s truly what makes life so rewarding when you have family standing by your side to help you get through the tough spots.  I love you all.

Perry Prichard

Let's give it up for Mike at PROSSER RV. Mike and PROSSER RV will be supplying Travel Trailers for our support staff to use to rest or sleep during the 24 Hour event.

So if you are ever in need of an RV to rent or want to buy, call Mike Prosser at PROSSER RV. He's a great guy and really knows how to take care of his customers.


Thanks Mike for your support, now I won't have to tell the support staff at the event they have to sleep in the corn field.

Perry Prichard

AUGUST 30, 2010
Can you say Fill'er UP? I knew you could and so did VP Racing Fuels, who is our newest sponsor. Steve and all of those at VP Racing Fuels, THANK YOU for supporting our efforts in setting the world record. Without you, I'd probably run out of fuel midway through the event, no comment!!!, WHAT? It's only happened a couple times, geeeez!

Steve and VP Racing Fuels deserves a solid THANK YOU for helping us out.

Perry Prichard

AUGUST 30, 2010
A Word From the Founder

AUGUST 30, 2010
Hey Everyone,
The 24 Hours for Haiti T-Shirts are finally in production. We are now accepting pre-orders for anyone interested in purchasing them. ALL, and I mean ALL, profits go to The Lazarus Project Haiti.

Cost per shirt is $15.00 S – XL and $17.00 for XXL

You will have two choices to receive them:

* Shipped ($5.00 flat fee to anywhere in the lower 48 states)
* Pick up at the event (they will be pre-packaged and ready for you there)


Thank you
Perry Prichard

AUGUST 26, 2010
The news just keeps getting better and better. A long time sponsor of mine BRAP Offroad has really outdone themselves. From NOW until the event, he will donate 5% of all sales to the 24 Hours for Haiti fundraiser. This is an amazing offer, Marty. You have truly gone above and beyond to help us out. I can't say thank you enough.

BRAP Offroad is one of the premier parts and accessories shops, that specializes in those hard to find unique accessories that help you go fast or find comfort on those LONG rides. Check them out and if you have a bike, be sure to ask for Marty, he will certainly take care of you.

Thanks again Marty at www.BRAPoffroad.com

AUGUST 25, 2010
So several people have been asking how the NIGHT RIDE went on Saturday night. Not sure how to discuss it, WHOA is a good word to use. WTF, might be another term used. We had some minor set backs with one of the crew getting sick, sick enough I didn't want to see it. The other team of people that were going to attend the testing couldn't make it due to some mechanical issues with their rig. Either way I was still committed to testing some unknowns.

I'm so glad we took the time to do it, we learned a lot. Melissa was a trooper, stood by my side and made the trip with me out to the track to help with whatever it was I needed. SHE ROCK'S. Anyway, I learned that when it gets cool at night my goggles fog up, which makes it very difficult to see. Which brings me to a point about divine intervention, I tried to contact a specific goggle company but was never able to get through, but received a return call from Jani at HABERVISION, they happen to have a device with a fan (HaberVision Eliminator) that keeps your goggles from fogging up. They are sending me several sets of goggles to use to set the world record. Now if that isn't divine intervention, I'm not what is.

I also learned that when the moisture comes out of the ground at 1:00am, the faces of the jumps get pretty darn slick and the fact that I need to wear clear lenses at night, thought the yellow lenses would be a good choice, not so much.

That's all for now, I will be riding tomorrow afternoon and into the early evening at the HANDO Track if anyone wants to spin a couple laps or just stop by to say HI.

Take care
Perry Prichard

AUGUST 25, 2010
Some of you already know, but we’ve been getting a fair share of exposure through various media outlets which is really awesome.   Jason will be posting a link so you can check out the articles and podcasts from the radio shows I’ve done, as well as any future media coverage we get.

It’s getting pretty close and we are still in need of a couple items which I will list below.


·         Additional event sponsorship

·         Silent Auction items

o   Items of all types are appreciated, please contact Jennifer to find out more info (her contact info is located in the contact section)

o   These items can be anything new with tags

o   They DO NOT have to be motorcycle related (or Ed Hardy related, my wife is already telling me she is going to bid on the Ed Hardy Watch donated by GOLDSMITH Jewelers downtown Fond du Lac) love you honey!

·         Bands (can you believe everyone I’ve called is booked that same weekend, so if you know of any, please contact us)

·         HUGE tents (kind of like a circus tent, we will be having Judd there so the circus tent is appropriate, hehe)

·         DONATIONS, DONATIONS, DONATIONS -- did I mention donations?  Yup, need those too.


Keep checking back, there are a TON of things happening as we approach the day!

Thanks again,
Perry Prichard

AUGUST 20, 2010
Things have been SUPER busy and I apologize for not sending out more updates.

I do want to tell everyone that THROTTLE NATION Magazine will be attending the ENTIRE event, covering it from start to finish. I told JP (owner and editor) that he needs to bring some extra coffee or energy drink. I'm going to keep an eye on him and make sure he's not sleeping.

Saturday night we will be at Gravity Park doing some night time testing. If anyone is interested feel free to stop out, I'm sure Judd will need some company and someone to share his burn marshmallows with.

While I'm recovering from the long ride Saturday night and my presentation at church on Sunday regarding Haiti, I will write some updates about all the FREAKING AWESOME product sponsors that have come forward to provide great products for us to use when setting the world record.

That's all for now, thanks for the donations and thanks for sending in the comments, love to see them.

Thanks again.

Perry Prichard

AUGUST 19, 2010
Well it's Thursday and finally recovered from the ride on Tuesday, with some thanks to Brenda Rockow at Carpe Diem Massage Therapy, she was able to get rid of the aches and pains from the ride on Tuesday as well as my training session with Chad K. at TNT Fitness.

I wanted to let you know I will be doing an overnight ride this Saturday night from 10pm to 4am. If any of you night owls are interested in stopping out, we will more than likely enjoy the company. Bob at Gravity Park says the beer is cold and burgers are warm, so stop on out.

Hope to see you there.


Perry Prichard

AUGUST 18, 2010
Had a GREAT day, well, actually it ended up being a great day. Had some hiccups this morning, but after a good ride and photo session with the Appleton Post, things were good.

I also want to announce that 4MX will be providing full custom graphics for the bikes we use to set the new world record. Thanks Dave, can’t wait to see the awesome graphics.

Chatter Box USA will be sending us 2 helmet radio units for the event. This will allow me to communicate with my mechanics and pit crew while I’m out on the track, THANK YOU RAMON and everyone at Chatter Box USA

We have some new photos too, should have them up on the site tomorrow.


Perry Prichard

AUGUST 17, 2010

Shift Racing has stepped up and will be providing ALL of my riding gear for the WORLD RECORD ride. Which is no easy task, considering all we may go through in that 24 hours. It’s great knowing we have companies out there that are really there when you need them.

Can’t wait to see what they send, WOW they have some really cool gear.

Thanks Brian and everyone at SHIFT RACING, - You guys ROCK!!!

Perry Prichard

AUGUST 16, 2010
FYI: If anyone is interested, I will be test riding tomorrow morning at Gravity Park. I’m also meeting with some photographers for a photo shot for a couple newspapers.

Hoping to get in a nice 4 hour ride, along with the photos.

Feel free to stop out and say HI, I’m always up for chat with people.

Perry Prichard

AUGUST 13, 2010
Hey Everyone, we will be taking part at the KEIL end of Summer Parade on Sunday if you can make it.  Come see Judd and I ride around on our training bikes and learn about all the cool stuff happening at the event.

AUGUST 11, 2010
Well, the good news keeps coming in.

Debbie Berquist will be attending the event. She is the Village of Hope Director, or should I say the head honcho in Haiti at Hope House, either way we are excited to have her here for the event.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend it with us in Wisconsin for this event. Oh yeah, you might want to bring a jacket or two, it might be cool in September, maybe even snow. Hehe Just kidding.

Thanks again.

Perry Prichard

AUGUST 9, 2010
Is it MONDAY again?

Who is the wise guy that got weekends and work weeks mixed up? I’d like to…

Wouldn’t it be better to have a 2 day work week and a 5 day weekend? Exactly!

Good News everyone, we just confirmed two great acts for the event.

FLATOUT FREESTYLE will be performing several Freestyle Motocross Shows during the event. Cody even told me that if the crowd is wild enough and can get enough donations towards 24 Hours for Haiti, he will go upside down, for those NON-FMX fans out there, that means Cody will do a back flip. How freaking cool is that???

The other great news is ALMOST LIVE Karaoke will be there too, providing some great music and fun. So warm up your singing voices cause, it’s going to be 24 Hours for Haiti Idol at Gravity Park. Thank GOD, I’m the one riding and won’t be able to sing, just the thought of it makes me queasy.

Check out the events page to see more info on the acts.

Going riding tomorrow if the weather holds out and if so, probably going to be a 4 hour ride.


Perry Prichard

AUGUST 6, 2010
Hello, in a matter of days we will reach the 30 day mark for the event. For a couple weeks there I was becoming a nervous wreck and didn’t know if I would be able to make this happen. I didn’t know where to turn, who to talk to, who to bitch at. I was overwhelmed and frankly, scared. I want to do so much and knew so little about fundraising; I became withdrawn and worried sick I would fail. I felt as if the walls were closing in and all this effort would be for nothing. People are going to look at me and think I’m a joke.

BUT THEN, an email came in from a friend and asked me to put myself if the shoes of Noah, yes the ark building guy. He was faced with an enormous task and with little to no help, supplies or anything. What he did know, is that he could rely on his faith that God would be there, guide him and provide what was needed, when needed.

So I met with Pastor Jeff today and asked him to help me see why am I so overwhelmed, and this is exactly what he told me. Let it happen the way God wants it to happen and have faith.

Then I thought HOLY CRAP, I need to slow down and rely on my faith and my trust in God that he will make it all come together as He needs it to come together, maybe not the way I want it to come together.

I’m sorry today’s update wasn’t about some millionaire donating thousands of dollars, or that we are getting some major band to play, but it was about listening to our heart and making sure our eyes and ears are open to hear what we are being told. The update is about my faith and trust in God and allowing Him to act through me and my friends. I can only do so much and I MUST rely on God to handle the rest.

For those of you that have stepped up in the past couple days, you know who you are, I can’t thank you enough and hope that each one of you know that I may never be able to thank you enough, but there any many kids in Haiti that will forever thank you for what you’ve made possible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Perry Prichard

AUGUST 3, 2010

We just received confirmation that W8D Brand Clothing will be stepping up to sponsor our event clothing. What does that mean? That means we will be moving full steam ahead to get the designs created and approved for our event t-shirts. Not only that but we will be setting up designs for our LIMITED EDITION T-shirts and hats.

I want to send out a huge THANKS to Matt G. at W8D Brand Clothing, we appreciate your involvement and passion to help the cause.

Take Care,

Perrry Prichard

JULY 29, 2010
It’s nice out, weather is holding on and the track is dry. Sounds like a good combination to go ride. Heading over to Jack’s house where our training track is. By the way Jack, thank you and your family for allowing me to train and practice at your track and for putting up with the hours and hours of noise from riding. Maybe need to invest in some earplugs for you guys.

Back to business; I’m heading over to the training track this afternoon again to put in a couple more hours of riding. Tonight’s goal is sustain low heart rates for 2-3 hours of consecutive riding. The only time I’ll be stopping is to re-fuel and add more water to my camelback.

Hoping Judd has some time to shoot some more video and possibly a interview will come out of this tonight, mentioned the ride to some people in the media and thought they might stop out, more to come on that.

I believe Jason has posted some new photos of the ride from Tuesday night, maybe a video or two. Gotta work on that video thing.

Thanks again and don’t forget to post your comments and questions.

JULY 28, 2010
Sorry everyone, It’s been a couple days since my last update. Things are very VERY busy with getting everything put together and trying to make time for training and work.

Little update on the training, I was able to finally ride last night since Mother Nature was nice enough to take a couple days off from raining. Last nights ride was pretty brutal, considering the fact that it was 88 degrees and very humid. I rode really hard to get some info on heart rates, caloric demand and water intake. At the end of the ride, I burned an averaged of 1400 calories per hour, DID NOT drink enough water and determined that my average heart rate was approx. 137 bpm, which isn’t bad, but the water thing and calorie burn is very concerning. I was completely wrecked from not drinking enough water and not eating enough (imagine that, me not eating enough). Anyway, I learned some valuable lessons and have spoke with Chad about it and he’s onto some kind of plan.

Judd was of course watching the ride, making fun, taking pictures and some videos. I even think he got some video footage of me dancing to a song on my MP3 player I listen to when I ride, sung by Mr. MC Hammer, 2 legit to quit. Of course most of you know I can’t dance to save my life, but thought I could bust out a move or two before he clicked record on the camera.

I’m hoping I can get some of the photos up this week along with a video or two.

Thanks again and God Bless

JULY 26, 2010
Is it MONDAY already? Ugh!

Melissa and I had an awesome weekend in the Great North Woods of Wisconsin at my family reunion. Melissa was able to meet most of my dad’s side of the family and didn’t run off, just kidding, she loved everyone.

Something I really wanted to discuss was the great reception to my fund raiser and world record on September 11th and 12th. There were several relatives that are willing to help spread the word and do what they can in the Northern Wisconsin area. You have no idea how exciting that is, some of these people I haven’t seen in 15 years, so maybe more and immediately they were ready to jump on board and help the cause. That is family for you, willing to help no matter what. It almost brings tears to my eyes thinking how strong a family bond is even after years of being away.

Thank you everyone.

The other thing I wanted to bring up was of course my training. Had a great workout on both Saturday and Sunday morning, Saturday I rode for about 8 miles, which wasn’t much but pushed it and made it work. Sunday was even better, since there wasn’t gym around, I took advantage of my Cousin Tim’s adventure/nature gym. Yup, his backyard, not sure how long the trail is, but mountain biked for a little over an hour straight in the woods or should I say acres behind his house. Between the dodging branches, stumps and ruts in the trail, it ended up being a really tough workout. Thanks Tim and Tina, love the nature gym.

That’s it for now, have to start calling some sponsors and finishing prepping the press release today so I can send it out to all the media.

Thanks again and thank God for family.

Perry Prichard

JULY 23, 2010
24 Hours for Haiti would like to announce some VERY exciting news.

The 24 Hours for Haiti fund raiser is also where Perry Prichard will set a NEW WORLD RECORD. Guinness World Record has announced acceptance of Prichard’s application for a New World Record attempt. The record as stated: The most continuous laps on a motocross bike on a motocross track by an individual in 24 Hours.

Here are some interesting tidbits about Guinness World Records; they receive an average of 65,000 applications a week. It typically takes 6-8 weeks to receive an approval. Prichard’s application took just under 4 weeks. It’s interesting that when you do good things for the good of mankind, how certain things just fall into place.

Prichard has stated on several occasions, “….there is a purpose for everyone on this planet and I think I just figured out mine!”

Please take the time to contact us and give him some much needed support for his training. It’s hard to even imagine doing something non-active for 24 hours straight, let alone ride a motocross bike on a difficult motocross track for 24 hours.

JULY 22, 2010
Back from another BRUTAL workout with Chad Kolleman and Derek Toshner. I’m telling you, between these two, the workouts are a near death experience. In a good way, I think.

We are also posting some new photos with me and the kids in Haiti from this year’s trip. Man do I LOVE hanging out with the kids, even with the language barrier, we always seem to communicate. My wife says it’s because I’m such a child at heart, I would have to agree with her.

Tomorrow I will be posting some photo’s with Chad and Derek so you can see who tries to put me in an early grave when I workout with them. Also keep in mind that if you have any questions about the event or any aspect of it, feel free to contact us. I will do the best I can to answer them online in our updates.

One last important message – We now provide the option for you to sign up for our updates and will get an email alert when I post something on the www.24hoursforhaiti.com website or our Facebook page.

Hope to see some questions!!!!

JULY 20, 2010
OMG I can’t believe I didn’t announce this weeks ago.

Throttle Nation Magazine is coming on board and helping us get the word out about all the awesome products we will be using for the World Record and Fund Raising event.

JP, the owner and editor of Throttle Nation has offered to write an entire article dedicated to the event and by doing so, he suggested that we discuss the products we used for accomplishing this amazing feat.

I personally want to THANK YOU JP and Throttle Nation, with out guys like you; things like this just couldn’t be possible.

To show some warm appreciation to JP and Throttle Nation, do us a favor and check out their site at www.throttlenation.com

Thanks again JP, we look forward to having you on board as well as being there at the event keeping me awake during those overnight hours.

JULY 18, 2010
Is it Monday already? WOW, that means we are down to only 53 days left, I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by.

Had a great follow up meeting with the mission team on Sunday night. Had a chance to chat about our recent trip to Haiti and looked at all the pictures, which will be posted on the site this week. Another good thing, is that it sounds like several members of my mission team this year are VERY interested in going back to Haiti year, YEAH BABY, love it when Haiti makes such a positive impact on someone.

The weekend was great, tried to get out and ride so we had some new videos ready for you, but rain played a bit of a factor. It’s really tough to ride when our training track is a foot under water. So instead of riding this weekend, Melissa and I spent some extra time in the gym hitting the Kettle Bells harder than ever. I’m hoping Chad K. appreciates it, thinking it would take me weeks to reach the 300 KB swings in 10 minutes, I was able to do 295 swings in 10 minutes within less than a week after given the challenge.

Judd, who has graciously accepted the position as Event Manager, and I will be taking some video this week of some training in the gym, hopefully on track too if we can get the track to dry out.

Plus, PLUS, we have some exciting news this week. So check back later and find out what we have in store for you.

Thanks again. Don’t forget to send in your questions.

Perry Prichard

JULY 15, 2010
Hey Everyone,

A question was brought to my attention last night, a very valid question. This question was asked by some good friends of Melissa and I. But in an effort to refrain from causing TOO MUCH embarrassment, let’s not use their names; let’s call them, Sacajawea and Coco.

Sacajawea asked Melissa the other day, “what exactly is Perry doing”? “What is 24 Hours for Haiti”? “Is this on a round or oval track”? Will there be bumps or jumps”?

Well, here is a quick and easy answer that I hope will satisfy their concerns.

As you know, 24 Hours for Haiti was an idea I had to market a fund raiser. The fund raiser is comprised of an event or events that are held for a 24 Hour period in an effort to raise money and awareness for and about Haiti. This particular event will be me, Perry, attempting to ride a motocross bike on a motocross track for an entire 24 hours (Gravity Park, Chilton, WI – refer to photo sections for pictures of the track). Just to make it clear to those NON-MX fans, a motocross track is comprised of dirt jumps, bumps, berms, ruts; whoops and just about anything else you can mix into it. YES, I will in fact be “hitting” (which means going over) each obstacle during the entire event.

The goal is to go around the track, which is called laps (this is to help Sacajawea to better understand the art and science behind motocross, love ya L.). We will be asking people to pledge a monetary amount for each lap completed over the 24 hour time frame. The money we raise through the pledges, donations, sponsorships, etc. will then be donated to THE LAZARUS PROJECT, which is a non-profit organization focused and dedicated to helping those in Haiti, hence then name, 24 Hours for Haiti.

I’m glad Sacajawea and Coco asked the question. This is a great opportunity for all of you to send in your questions. I am VERY passionate about helping the people of Haiti and would love the opportunity to answer any questions you might have.

In an effort to really help people understand Haiti and this event or whatever is on your mind, send me a question and we will post it on the website each day as part of our updates. I know there will be a lot of questions coming in and I will do what I can to get to all of them. And yes, as we did for our friends we will conceal your names and identity to avoid embarrassment.

Thanks again and look forward to all your questions.

Perry Prichard

JULY 14, 2010
We just got word that we have a NEW supporter; NEENAH SPRINGS has joined the effort for the 24 Hours for Haiti fund raiser. They will be providing all the water for the event as well as some much needed water for my training between now and the event. NEENAH SPRINGS will also be producing a one of kind custom label for their the water bottles provided at the event. As soon as the final artwork is completed and we have some pictures, you can bet we will have it up on the site.

Thank you NEENAH SPRINGS, we truly appreciate all your help and support.


JULY 13, 2010
It’s Tuesday July 13th and Chad Leal, our resident mechanic, said the motor for the new Yamaha should be done tomorrow or Thursday, which means we are on schedule for getting the motor back in the bike and ready for some heavy duty riding this coming weekend.

Chad K. my trainer will be attending the riding session at our private training track to get some vital information about my heart rates and weak points so we can address them in the off bike training sessions. More on that later.

We should have some videos up in the next day or so of the off bike training at TNT Fitness with Chad K. and I.

Take care everyone.

Perry Prichard

JULY 12, 2010
Good Morning EVERYONE!!!!

It was a great weekend, got a lot of really good training in. Melissa and I spent a good portion of the weekend training. I have to give her some thanks, if it wasn’t for my awesome wife, I don’t think I would ever be able to pull this off. She is so dedicated to this Fund raising effort it’s unbelievable. She trains with me, helps coordinate schedules for everything going on and more importantly, puts up with my aches, pains and complaining about how sore I get. Oh yeah, and makes some great meals since I’ve been eating more than ever.

One workout this weekend, I burned 1526 calories in 1 hour and 22 minutes. YES, that is NOT a typo, 1526 calories in 1 hour and 22 minutes, anyone up to joining me one day for a workout???

This brings up a good point, if anyone is interested in joining me for a workout, I’d love the company; just give us a call or email.

JULY 9, 2010
Hey everyone, it’s Perry, sending out a quick word to update you on some things.

I met with Chad K. of CK Fitness yesterday and discussed the progress of my training and so far based on his evaluation things are moving along pretty well. He’s given me some additional exercises to do over the coming weeks to really BLAST my cardio conditioning and hand endurance. Chad said, “Perry, you should start adding 300 kettle bell swings after your resistance workouts, oh yeah, and perform those 300 swings in less than 10 minutes with the 16k kettle bell”. After I got up off the floor, I made a nice little comment, which isn’t important right now, but was something on the grounds of being out of his mind.

Oh well, if it was easy anyone could do it, right?

Check back next week and I should have some videos up of the cardio and resistance training, then hopefully by next weekend I will start posting some cool action videos of the MX training at Gravity Park.

Thanks again for everyone’s support, without you, none of this would be possible.

JULY 1, 2010
The countdown to the fundraiser officially stands at 71 days and as can be anticipated, the team is working feverishly to coordinate all the details of this event.

Perry and the Ascension Mission Team returned from the 2010 Haiti mission trip this past Monday, full of updates about the condition of the country, the progress of the various Lazarus project ministries, and laden with pictures and videos of the experience. We will continue to share those insights, photos & videos in future updates.

Foregoing the luxury of time to adjust to the inevitable ‘jet-lag’ from the trip, Perry is currently getting back into the daily training routine spending about 1 – 1 ½ hours a day using a combination of resistance training and high intensity Kettle-bell and cardio workouts. In addition, he is adding endurance riding on a twice weekly basis, and will begin on-track testing and training for the ride within the next week. The results of that testing will enable us to set up the equipment and fine tune his workouts in greater detail in preparation for the ride.

We’ve currently got several photo albums constructed on the site to better tell the story of both the general living conditions in Haiti prior to the earthquake, and of the various ministries which comprise The Lazarus Project, and invite you to check them out. Keep checking back as we will be posting regular updates to keep everyone current on both the ministry and the preparations for the event

Thanks & God Bless!